• Chinese Made

    Magnetic Puzzle Arithmetic Learning Box

    Magnetic Puzzle Arithmetic Learning Box The board has two sides, magnetic whiteboard and the other one for doing mathematics and time telling practice. You can make shapes with the wooden pieces that have magnetic backing. Features Double sided...


  • Onshine

    Matched Images

    Matched Images Enjoy your day finding the matched images. Features Promotes brain development and problem-solving skills. Develops baby's cognitive ability, and cultivates baby's eye and hand coordination ability. Help toddlers to recognize...


  • Chinese Made

    Multi-function Maze Box

    Multi-function Maze Box Five in One Montessori multi-function box. It contains: animal race, shape matching, funny gears, clock, and puzzle wrap. This activity cube will let children have much fun and they will not even realize that they are...


  • Chinese Made

    Shape Matching Puzzle (3 in 1)

    Shape Matching Puzzle (3 in 1) Classic Montessori learning toy. It contains 3 sets of wooden geometry shapes. Features Great toy to develop shape and color recognition and hand-eye coordination. It helps young kids to learn the concept of fraction...


  • Chinese Made

    Wooden Alphabet Blocks (26 pcs)

    Wooden Alphabet Blocks (26 pcs) The set contains 26 blocks. Each block has different faces, such as numbers, capital letters, small letters, and animals images. Features Alphabet blocks is an educational and entertaining toy. Toddlers can learn...

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  • Chinese Made

    Wooden Five Columns Geometry Match

    Wisdom And Colorful Five Column Building Blocks Features Exercises the baby's perception of color. Exercise the baby's perception of shape (round, square, triangular, rectangular). Exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination. Specifications Age...