Eggs Paint Set (6 pcs)
Eggs Paint Set (6 pcs)
Eggs Paint Set (6 pcs)

Eggs Paint Set (6 pcs)

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Eggs Paint Set

Dinosaur Eggs Dinosaur egg coloring set with display stand (Non-Toxic safe paint). The set consists of 6 dinosaur eggs. Color gamut for beauty. There are 6 watercolor colors in the box, which are red, yellow, blue, green, white, and black. Each egg has a hang for the children to string through. Can be decorated in various places Comes with a base for placing and coloring. You can paint the colors according to the imagination.



Reliable plastic, it is non-toxic and lightweight

Non-Toxic safe paint

Each egg has a hang for the children to string through


Surface Module Shape: Square
Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 33 X 20 X 4


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